DEEMO !!!!

On the 27th of May 2015, game developer Rayark released an update for what is considered one of my favourite rhythm games of all time, Deemo. The update came just 2 weeks before my final semester exams, so I decided to play until I reach the epilogue. Not even a day after the update, I actually did reached the end, which I won’t spoil, but all I can say that you will be surprised once you understand the story. After finishing Deemo 2.0, I wanted to write my impressions on the game, so here it is.


Deemo is a rhythm game where the key instrument is the piano. To be played in landscape orientation, notes fall down and you tap as it hits the bottom line. There are two types of notes: a tap (grey notes) and a hold (gold notes). A grey note is simple, just tap. A gold note is a stream of notes, just hold from the start til the end.  Easy right ?? That’s one of the best things about Deemo. The gameplay is easy to understand and the 3 levels of difficulty (Easy, Normal and Hard) caters to beginner, casual or hardcore rhythm gamers.

STORY & Presentation

“Never left before saying goodbye”

This quote defines the story of Deemo. Deemo is a mystic figure, who lives in solitude, a castle. Until a little girl falls down from the sky, with no memories of who she is or where she comes from. In order to help the little girl get back from her world, Deemo notices a tree on top of a piano that grows when it plays. Considering that this is a rhythm game, attaching a story is very touching for a game genre that doesn’t necessarily convey emotions.

The presentation of this game is spectacular. From the design of the rooms, to the artwork of each songs before you start playing, Deemo can also be considered as an art gallery. It is that good!! But hey, it’s not just the artwork that is impressive. What is even more impressive are the song selection for this game. Each song has their own way of utilising the piano, and it’s so satisfying to hear the piano tunes when you tap along. Music varies from slow pieces to fast, adrenaline pieces, giving variety to the player. Gotta give props to the composers, they put a lot of effort into making sure that we, as players, can feel the emotions from the pieces by tapping along.

Cons… *WAIT WHAT?!!!* 

Okay, I know that Deemo is an awesome game, but if I had to find something that irritates me, which by the way has nothing to with the game, is that……. it has A LOT OF DLC !!!!

While there are songs to unlock without them, DLC packs have a lot more and they have really good pieces. As of Deemo 2.0, there are 14 DLC packs, each cost 4.99! In addition to this, having to pay for the full app itself. Getting DLCs not only add replay value (which honestly a good thing as you have more great songs to play), but it can get expensive REALLY QUICKLY. It eats up +$50 from your wallet (or parent’s income, or wherever you get the money from) That is as close me buying a 3DS game which normally cost around the same price. So for a music game on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, this is just ridiculous !! What’s even worse is for people that has Deemo on BOTH IOS and ANDROID devices. Your scores can’t be transferred between OS and you cannot restore purchases from IOS to ANDROID, or vice-versa.

Don’t get me wrong, for gamers that enjoy rhythm games or love the piano, then DEEMO is a game I HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 10/10. Just prepare your wallet to cry every time as you’ll eventually be tempted to buy the DLCs.


Here’s a screenshot of the end result for a song I recently played. As you can see, there’s no score number, just the percentage, the amount of charming hits (awesome timing notes) and the combo. I don’t consider myself to be a pro at this game, but I do enjoy the music. Getting +90% is very common for most people, except for the extremely difficult songs.


Playing a rhythm game involves listening to the music and hand-eye coordination. My main tip for any rhythm game is to get the feel of the music, and practice. (Practice makes perfect right?!!!) Or, you can watch how other people play a particular song on Youtube. Learn their movements, and the pattern of the song. Sometimes, I even tap along the video so that I can rewind the section that I struggle with. 😀

So, have you guys played Deemo before? If so, what’s your favourite song to play ? If not, I recommend you guys to play this (just be careful on DLC).

I’ll be posting more about my thoughts on games and other random stuff in the near future. じゃね〜〜〜


Author: tinytonkatsu

21 Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Arts in International Studies Economics/Finance/Japanese Majors Quiet Gamer

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