Vietnam Blog – Cai Be

I haven’t posted a blog in a while. It’s because I’m actually in Vietnam to visit relatives. It’s only been 3 days, and I’m so happy that I got to see my uncles an aunties.

It’s been 9 years since I came to my grandparent’s ( father side) country town of Cai Be, and it has changed by quite a lot. Back in 2006, there wasn’t a road that will take us from the little city to the place I stayed at. The road was very narrow, and the path was very muddy that going by motorcycle proved to be a challenge. Fast forward to the present, and the same pathway now looks like a highway.

Speaking of motorcycle, it was nice being on one with the relatives, though I’m so tall that I can’t sit at the very front of the driver… 😦

As a family, we all went to the town at night time, and the nightlife here seems very relaxing. Next to a spacious park is a little playground, with merry-go-rounds and jumping castles. However, my dad insisted to try roller skating since he hasn’t done it for almost 30 years.. The skating rink was dodgy, cracked woods with a noticeable bump on one end. The skates were the 2 x 2 wheelers, not the 1 x 4 which I’m used to. At the end of the run, I tripped so many times and I couldn’t skate normally.. (Epic fail!)

After getting a bruised feet, we then head to a cafe, which surprisingly follows a Japanese tradition of taking off the shoes and sit down next to very low tables.


First photo was an apple soda. I wanted to drink one because I had a stomachache from eating too much 😦

Middle picture was a typical milk tea with black pearls. Really like the choice of cup.

Last one was a berry yogurt smoothie that my mum couldn’t finish. It was delicious!!

Finally, we chilled at the park where there is also platforms which are normally used to practice dragon dancing. I felt like a monkey when jumping up and sitting on one of the tall platforms.

After three days at my grandparents place, we are heading off to Singapore and Indonesia to visit my parents old refugee camp (history lesson !!).

To sum up this post, here’s a picture of  little niece and nephew. They love playing around with me ~~


Author: tinytonkatsu

21 Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Arts in International Studies Economics/Finance/Japanese Majors Quiet Gamer

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