One Punch Man Review


WOW! One Punch Man (OP Man) was unquestionably the most hyped anime for the Fall of 2015. I do get nervous whenever an anime is hyped because there’s always a possibility that it can be either an awesome one or a disappointing one. However, OP Man strikes a good balance between humour and serious action scenes and the story, while very simple, interesting as soon as you watch the first episode. So because of this, I decided to write a review on this anime. TLDR: JUST WATCH IT. IT’S THAT GOOD!!

As I mentioned, the story is simple. Basically, a guy named Saitama, is a hero for fun but he is very bored because he always win his battles with one punch. Some people may question the lack of depth in the story, but it is actually the funniest part that makes OP Man so enjoyable to watch and why so many people love it. The simplified story, along with a very likeable cast of characters and hilarious dialogues, makes me laugh so hard throughout the 12 episodes. (It’s short, but hilarious!)

The art design and animation in OP Man is amazing. You can definitely feel all the efforts that the people put in every scene of the anime. The fighting scenes steal the show here, coupled with an amazing soundtrack that makes the epic moment more epic. The opening song fits the theme of OP Man so well that you wouldn’t want to skip it when watching all the episodes.  Here’s the MV –> Opening song of OP MAN

I highly recommend everyone to watch One Punch Man. It deserves all the praise for being one of the best anime to watch this Fall and from what I heard, there will be a second season, so expect to see more of Saitama in the near future !!





Author: tinytonkatsu

21 Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Arts in International Studies Economics/Finance/Japanese Majors Quiet Gamer

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