First 2 days of Japan

Hey everybody!! I’m now in Japan !! YAY!! I explain what I did for the first 2 days.

Day 1:

Getting to Kofu from Haneda Airport wasn’t hard as all I needed to do was buy a ticket to Shinjuku (requires me to change at Shinagawa station) and a rapid express ticket to Kofu. At first, I thought getting to where I was meant to be was hard, but since I use the train to get from my house to UTS, it wasn’t a huge problem.

After been greeted by Yokomori-san, we then headed to the university dorms where I left my luggage in my assigned room. The room is smaller than my bedroom back in Sydney, but it’s more than enough to do most things. Each room is fitted with an individual bathroom which from what I’ve heard, the university had recently revamped it.


A completely different bathroom that I didn’t expect
Small but very comfortable room
Yokomori-San then took me to the City Hall, and this where I have to register the address of the dorm into my residence card (you’ll get this from the airport if you are staying for 3 months or longer), and apply for national health insurance. Just repeatedly write your details in several application forms. 😛

Day 2:

I was the very first of the new group of incoming exchange students so I was a bit lonely. One guy from Malaysia came and we had lunch together, then went to do a bit of exploring and shopping for necessities. 

Yokomori-san notified me to come to uni in order to contact my parents. It is understandable that I couldn’t call my parents back because I don’t have Internet access at this point. 

I was then been introduced to Okumura-sensei, who offered me a part time position for the English Support Staff and explained to me the things to do in the upcoming weeks. I was also helping out a student who had an English test that night. 


Considering that this is the very first time I’ve been in Japan, I’m grateful that I was given an opportunity to do this exchange program. As always, most Japanese people are surprised that I can communicate in their native language, and ordering things or asking questions wasn’t a big problem (probably will be later on). 

Now I got a few days before university starts so I will need to buy essential things to settle in.

TLDR: I’m doing okay! 


Author: tinytonkatsu

21 Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Arts in International Studies Economics/Finance/Japanese Majors Quiet Gamer

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