Reunion with Tetsuya and Masanori!!!

Tetsuya and Masanori came to Australia last year to study. Now it’s my turn to study in Japan for the year. I didn’t know these two until last semester (awkward…), but I was lucky to have met them before coming to Japan. Every time we would meet up, they would often say things such like, “とんちゃん!!!山梨おいで!” 

Last night, I finally got a chance to meet up with them at Kofu and we ended up going to a 食べ放題 (all you can eat) at Gyu-Kaku, which you definitely need a car to get there. Thus, I’m extremely lucky that I know Tetsuya, who has a car and was willing to take me around the area (if he has the time that is :P). 
We ended up spending almost ¥12,000, but that’s alright because it’s like a little welcome party for me. 

After taking Masanori back to his place, Tetsuya took me up to the hills where you can get a beautiful view of the city. It was so good, though I wish brought the DSLR camera, but it’s only the start so maybe I’ll come back and get the shot.


Wow. Just amazing

Main takeaway from the night? If you are going to be at Yamanashi, get a friend or somebody who has a car to take you around places. The prefecture is certainly an 田舎 (countryside) as you are essentially surrounded by mountains.  But OMG,  it’s still a beautiful, and relaxing city to be in. 🙂 


Author: tinytonkatsu

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