Tokyo DisneySea

Summer holiday continues, so my friends and I decided that it was a good opportunity to spend the time in Tokyo DisneySea, and it was so fun that we spend the entire day, from opening to closing of the place! Seriously, people wears Disney-related clothes when they visit DisneySea (and/or DisneyLand), whether it is a cosplay of Cinderella or identical Disney shirts. Aside from the ridiculously long queues for the attractions, I would straight out say that you should go to DisneySea (and/or DisneyLand) if you are planning to visit Japan.

Keep in mind that I had little to no knowledge about DisneySea before visiting. My friend asked me if I have the time to go to DisneySea as she had to book the ticket and bus ride before hand. The only thing I have heard was that DisneySea is more catered to the older age groups, but I felt that it wasn’t just for the adults, nor it wasn’t just for children.

If there has to be one thing that amazed me about DisneySea, it’s that every themed location in the park transport me to a completely different world.

DisneySea is NOT a water theme park. It’s inspired by the myths and legends of the sea, thus the name, and is made up of 7 themed locations. The crowd was pretty crowded when we went. Waiting time in line for some of the rides were quite long, though after the ride, I’d say that the wait was worth it. At first, the weather was great, until later in the afternoon when it was raining heavily, then it stopped later in the night.

We pretty much went to most of the areas DisneySea has to offer so here are some of my favourites.

One of the big 3 rides that DisneySea had to offer is called the Tower of Terror. It’s a ride that goes up and then plunges down, but falls a short distance after building up the anticipation. I remember going to a similar ride to this in Sydney when I was a kid.


Just as we were going to the next ride, it was raining, so hard that the staff members had to end the queue as it was already too long. Even though it was just moving forward and backward at different angles, you will also get sprayed with water. That along with the rain makes the ride a lot more fun than expected. We all got really wet after the ride!

Another big ride we all went was the ‘Journey To The Center of the Earth’. It’s a rollercoaster that is not as high as I expected. It starts out slowly and after a few seconds, the ride speeds up and takes a quick dip and then it’s done. During the dip, you can get a glimpse of the volcano, which spews out smoke and fire and the scenery of the park itself.

Another part of DisneySea is the Arabian Coast, which is inspired by the world of Aladdin. The environment, along with the music makes it feel like I’m in an exotic Arabian city. What’s even cooler is that for each themed location, the staff members wears uniform which corresponds to the theme. That subtle feature makes the overall world feel more believable, which was amazing to see! We also went on a ride called Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage. It’s slow, but it bought enough time to look at the amazing audio animatronics and listen to the wonderful song called “Compass Of Your Heart”. All of the animatronics have fluid motions and is on point with the audio. Add in the spectacular environment, it became so stunning and so much going on that it was next to impossible to see everything in one ride. This repeatability is essential for a classical Disney attraction.

There are definitely places in DisneySea where you can eat. Each themed location has different foods, though the menu is relatively the same. In this case, we went to the Mermaid Lagoon, inspired by The Little Mermaid, and got the Creamy Scallop Croquette Sandwich set (930yen).

Another themed location, the American Waterfront, has a similar menu, but in this area, it’s the burger. I really do like how each location has a unique food that again makes the world believable.

Had to take one photo with the Minnie headband! 😀

Overall, I really enjoyed DisneySea. We got the whole day to have fun in “the happiest place on Earth‘, and the rides are the main attraction. Sure, you will wait minutes, or even hours for the ride, but the adrenaline and the wow factor makes up for it. We got home really tired as we got back to Kofu at almost 1 in the morning. Regardless, you should check it out if you can!


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